My Boring Resume

This is me

This is me

This is Zar

This is zar

And this is Lorenzo Lamas

This is lorenzo lamas

This is my resume. I have included all experience, even the non development related experience. To kick off, here are a few ways you can use to reach me:

  • Email: edu (at) edulazaro (dot) com
  • GitHub: edulazaro

Key skills

  • PHP (Laravel, Zend Framework 3, CodeIgniter, Yii, WordPress plugins & themes, Drupal 7), PHPUnit.
  • JavaScript ES6 (Jquery, Phaser), React (JSX, Mocha), Redux, Vue, Node.js (Express), TypeScript.
  • HTML5, CSS (Less, Saas, Bootstrap, Tailwind), XML, JSON.
  • MySQL (Eloquent, Doctrine, Sequelize), Mongo (Mongoose).
  • Git, SVN, RabbitMQ, Vagrant, Docker, Docker compose, Test coverage (Istanbul).
  • Project management from conception to completion, software design (UML).
  • Bash scripts, Cent-OS, Web servers (VestaCP, Cpanel, Plesk, Zpanel).
  • Jira, Trello, Swagger, Agile development, SEO best practices.


Horse & Country (Remote, UK)

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Jun 2021 - Present)

Tech stack: PHP, Ruby, Laravel, Tailwind, WordPress, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Sass, Git.

  • Migrated internal scripts from Ruby to PHP.
  • Lead the dev team and decide the tech stack to use.
  • Built a Laravel website integrated with Statamic CMS.
  • Implementented an ecommerce system to purchase clips.
  • Built a web app to manage affiliates and track users subscriptions.
  • Built a CMS to manage video contents from different sources.
  • Implement an architecture to serve contents in an efficient way.

Methodology: Working in a team with variable duration sprints and daily standups. Management with Jira.

Contractor / Freelance Developer (Remote, Spain/UK)

Senior Full Stack Engineer (Mar 2020 - Jun 2021)

Tech stack: PHP, Laravel, Vue, Node.js, MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Tailwind, Git.

  • Worked on both the backend and the frontend of an online banking App with Laravel and Lumen. Agile methodology with 1/2 week sprints and daily stand-up meetings.
  • Built a credit card payments app, allowing to send invoices by email and get payments processed via a Laravel PHP app. This was a one person project.
  • Built SCIWP, an open source MVC framework for WordPress. Docs | Git

Clients: Elixirr, Qualery, Hotel Francisco II

Huckletree (Central London, UK)

Full Stack Engineer (Apr 2019 - Mar 2020)

Tech stack: PHP, JavaScript ES6, Node.js (Express), Mongo (Mongoose), MySQL (Sequelize), TypeScript, React (JSX), Redux, HTML5, CSS, Git.

  • Migrated the CRM from a Monolithic PHP architecture to Node.js (Express) Microservices.
  • Coded RabbitMQ communication interfaces between Microservices.
  • Migration of a Mongo central database to independent MySQL databases.
  • Added new functionalities to the React/Redux CRM frontend and the company website. Integration with the new Microservices architecture.
  • API documentation (Swagger), unit tests, integration tests, test coverage tools (Istanbul).

Methodology (Agile): Worked in a dynamic team with 2 week sprints and daily stand-up meetings to achieve company, team and personal OKRs. Management with Jira. Continuous integration.

Inclusive Digital (Central London, UK)

Full Stack developer (Oct 2017 - Jan 2019)

Tech stack: PHP (Laravel, ZF3, Kohana), WordPress, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL (Doctrine, Eloquent), HTML5, CSS (Less), Git, cPanel, VestaCP.

  • Developed a Modular CMS using ZF3 to manage and organize videos with quizzes and certificates, including user progress tracking, pay per view contents, different purchase options and coupon management. Coded a Plugin to integrate it with WordPress websites via API.
  • Created a CMS to manage Webinars using Laravel, including user management, questions and real time polls. Integrated with Mailchimp.
  • Built several landing pages and created a basic PHP backend panel to manage the contents.
  • API based KMS with Laravel to manage encryption keys. integration with different projects.
  • Maintain websites, servers and hosting accounts (Cpanel, VestaCP).
  • Worked in small projects developed with ZF2 and Kohana.

Methodology (Agile): Worked in a small team having regular meetings to achieve quarterly objectives. Management with Trello.

Contractor / Freelance Developer (Remote, Spain/UK)

Full Stack developer (Mar 2015 - Aug 2017)

Tech stack: PHP, WordPress (Plugins, Themes), Drupal 7 (Themes), JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Git, cPanel, VestaCP, Photoshop.

  • Undertake projects using WordPress and Drupal 7 for both UK and Spanish companies.
  • Custom Plugin and Theme development for WordPress. Pixel perfect themes.
  • Maintain websites, servers and hosting accounts. Solve security and performance issues.

Clients: Qualery Culture, Hantec Markets, Hacer Creativo, Arrocera del Pirineo, 1328 Studio, Cehosga, Vivid Professional Decorating.

Methodology: Worked alone communicating directly with clients to research and set objectives.

FusePump (Central London, UK)

PHP developer (Sept 2014 - Mar 2015)

Tech stack: PHP (ZF3), JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, HTML5, CSS (Less), Git, SVN.

  • Code and maintain web scrapes to push the data into SQL databases and create XML feeds using inhouse web scraping tool.
  • Improve data extraction libraries and internal management tools.

Methodology: Worked in a team with 2 week sprints and daily stand-up meetings. Management with Jira.

Hantec Markets (Central London, UK)

LAMP web developer (Apr 2013 - Mar 2014)

Tech stack: PHP, Drupal 6 & 7, WordPress, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, HTML5, CSS, Plesk.

  • Development of a new Drupal website, a WordPress market analysis portal.
  • Created different Drupal based websites for company partners and several landing pages.
  • Website integration with SugarCRM, CurrentBusiness, HubSpot and 3rd party APIs.
  • Design and code email templates and multiple tools for both the marketing and the sales teams.
  • SEO optimization tasks, process automation and database management.

Methodology: Worked in the marketing team informing of daily progress and maintaining regular meetings.

Bitmap Company (Ourense, Spain)

Full Stack Developer (Oct 2011 - Mar 2013)

Tech stack: PHP, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, cPanel, VestaCP, Photoshop.

  • Developed a PHP web application used in penitentiary centers to manage personal data and support programs. Included options to obtaining reports and statistics in different formats.
  • Developed a modular CMS to reduce the time spent in development of custom websites. Also created modules to manage contents and to manage reservations and discounts in hotels.
  • Undertake migrations from MS Access to SQL for existing obsolete databases.
  • Developed multiple corporate websites and private user communities using PHP, CodeIgniter, Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla!.
  • Configure and maintain servers, hostings accounts and related services (firewall, email server, spam filters).

Methodology: Worked in direct communication with clients and designers maintaining regular meetings to gather project requirements and set objectives.

Banco Santander (Ourense/Pontevedra, Spain)

Agent Support Manager (Jul 2011 - Sep 2011)

  • Management and review of contracts and financial transactions made by the bank's commercial agents. Daily tasks included checking bank transfers, reviewing shares transactions and more.
  • Support and troubleshooting for the bank's commercial agents in the area.

Customer Manager (Jul 2009 - Jul 2011)

  • Open bank accounts, open current and savings accounts, open time deposits, make tax payments, doing bank transfers and other transactions, manage the money available in the office and other cashier tasks.
  • Meeting with customers and resolve any problem or complaint, building client relationships and helping to maintain sales strategies to reach financial targets.
  • Management of cash dispensers.

Freelance Developer (Ourense, Spain)

Part Time Freelance Web Developer (Jul 2009 - Sep 2011))

Tech stack: PHP, JavaScript (jQuery), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flash, ActionScript, cPanel, VestaCP, Photoshop.

  • Developed billing application with C# using Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Created a CMS from the Scratch using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript.
  • Developed a package for teh CMS which allowed to manage hotel reservations.
  • Created and maintained dozens of websites for different customers of a wide variedy of sectors.
  • Managed the CentOS servers and hosting accounts of the clients using CPanel, ZPanel and VestaCP.

GA-Hoteles (Ourense, Spain)

Front Of House (Mar 2008 - Jul 2009)

  • Charge customers and make reservations.
  • Take care of the facilities.

Freelance Teacher (Ourense, Spain)

Part Time Programming Teacher (Oct 2007 - Feb 2008)

  • Teaching C, C++ and Java to FP students.
  • Teaching concepts of systems like semaphores, threads, and more to FP students.

Carrefour (Ourense, Spain)

Part time nutrition service attendant (Jul 2004 - Jul 2005)

  • Count goods and manage inventories.
  • Replenish and place merchandise.

Waiter (Ourense, Spain)

Part time waiter (May 2003 - Mar 2004)

  • Attend at the bar and table.
  • Prepare weddings.


I learn almost everyday and have been self teaching myself since I finished my studies. In each project I try to use concepts and tools I'm used to, but I always add a new thing.

Degree in Computer Engineering

Universidade de Vigo, Ourense, Galicia (Spain) [Oct 2003 - Feb 2008]

Crypto Development Bootcamp

Eat The Blocks (Remote) [Feb 2021 - Aug 2021]

Graphic Design Course

Art Academy Anexo 4, Ourense, Galicia (Spain) [May 2010 - Oct 2010]

Online Courses (Udemy, Treehouse)

Most relevant: Node.js, React, Redux, JavaScript ES6, Docker, TypeScript

More Information

  • I speak native Spanish, native Galician, business English and basic Portuguese.
  • Current clean European Driving License.
  • You can check my personal GitHub Account.
  • Wrote around 700 coding and server management tutorials in spanish since 2015 at NeoGuias. You can check some GitHub repos.
  • I created the most complete spanish Markdown Tutorial.
  • I created and manage DuracionDe.
  • Built a Binance trading bot as a personal project using Node.js with the objective of avoiding high volatility issues.
  • I have a passion for videogames since I was a child. In the past I used to write about classic games at with some friends.

My free time

I like anything involving sports or creativity. With friends even better. Here is a small list:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Swimming
  • VideoGames
  • Board Games
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stock market investment