I finally have a website

It's been years since I registered the domain edulazaro.com. I've been renewing it over the years postergating this website. This is not my first personal blog, as I already created one in 2009 form the scratch and even developed a custom CMS for it, back in the days when you needed to create everything.

Why this blog

I have been writing about tech since more than 12 years ago. My first blog was a mixture between posts about videogames and posts about technology. Then decided to have a proper tech blog and created neeonez which I later rebranded as neoguias. However I always had the same doubt; should I write in spanish or in english? Because I love Spanish and after years working in english enviroments I also got used to English.

So that's when I decided to create this blog, in english. However it would not make sense to duplicate what I wrote over the years in a differnt language, and it's because of that reason that in this blog I'll not just be writing about development topics, but also about things which come around to my head. I like to create stuff, but also to research for investments, creating business and many other things, like playing videogames.

Another big reason fo this website is that I've been struggling about designing a website with a dark theme which was still nice to read. Over the years I could check that clear websites perform much better in search engines. Why? I'm not sure, but I also find it easier to place the small bits on the right places.

How I created this blog

I wanted to create a blog without a database and at the same time I wanted to put all my content together, even from differnt sources. I already explained how te create a blog with Laravel and Markdown so there was not need to have a database, managing the blog with static Markdown files, storing the articles on GitHub.

Then I created a service which gets all my posts from different sources, putting them together and caching the article list via the standard Laravel file cache. This way, I can get all contents in a single feed.

If you are interested on creating a blog with Markdown, I can tell you that once you start writing using this syntax, there's no turning back, as it is the best way of storing your contents forever in a simple and readable way. You can check my Markdown Tutorial if you want to learn more about this markup language.

Regarding the projects, also wanted to showcase what I'm working on, as this also helps me to keep things ordered in my head.

From now onwards

I'll continue writing at neoguias as usually. I'll be also writing at other sources. For example, I want to write a couple of posts on other websites I own and also on platforms like Medium, even if that platforms looks now more dead than alive.

This is the most boring post I have written. And yes, that's another reason for this blog.